Moved to San Antonio

So I have officially made the move to San Antonio.  I got here in July and have been settling in ever since.  I have started a tenure track job at the University of Incarnate Word where I am in charge of a new Convergent Media program in the Communication Arts department.

My life is flying by pretty fast.  My turbo MGM has been in the shop since May as I am having a fully built motor put in.  I bought a daily driver as well…  a BMW 3.35 coupe, it is a pretty sweet car to say the least.  I never thought I would buy a BMW but alas after driving almost every car I could think of it is what I ended up with.

My students at UIW are awesome and we are having a great time building up the program.  It is really a ground up process and I am learning a lot from them.  My boss Hank is awesome and a great mentor so far. I have had the fortune to have Austin geeks and musicians make their way down to campus and put on some shows and lectures for my students and it has been a killer way to infect them with creativity and also give some of my UT graduates/students some perspective on what a small school is like.

As some of you may guess I have received some flack for the way I look and dress but what can I say it is part of who I am  🙂  I guess a Holmes graduate like me was never fully curated to be a fixture of San Antonio’s higher society… 🙂 I am still dealing with it almost daily here in San Antonio.

I went on my first post-school vacation this weekend with my Family and had a great time.  It was a trip to the coast and it turned out pretty well, lots of fishing and swimming.

As for the near future I am working on many projects and attending a few conferences.  If you have any suggestions please clue me in as I am new to this town in a weird way.

I will be attending the Texas Mile this month and I will have a full report on, so be ready for that.  As soon as my MGM is done I will take it to the track along with some other radical cars I hope to do a profile on.

So stay tuned!