Car video profile: Tito and his M4

Here is an car profile video I shot for Tito, a customer of JMS Racing. He wanted to get a dyno video because a lot of people had been saying that the M4’s were coming under rated from the factory. Their stock horse power supposedly being 420hp at the crank. As you can see in the video they actually make 420rwhp!!! Talk about a nice surprise.

I do car profile videos every once and a while. They usually cost less to produce then my full productions, as I shoot without lights, sliders and tripods (Though I can shoot a full out video of your car, it will just cost more). I tend to do them “on the fly” and the edits I make are usually the final cut (aka, usually if you are paying for a full video package I will go back and make client edits and spend more time on making it “perfect”). If you would like a car profile done on your car hit me up. I can travel as well.

Finally Tito was awesome to work with and Jorge Andres Ramos and the JMS Racing crew were great hosts!