Automotive Turbo MGM

Built Turbo MGM

So as many of you know, I have a Turbo 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis… Well it now has it’s fully built motor in it 🙂 The motor work was performed by Dennis in Austin, Tx and was installed by Jorge at Boost Logic and additional installation was performed by Ly of KC Automotive (a real life saver!). The car was tuned by Brian at Drag On Tuning.

The build consisted of having my old block cleaned up, the crank remains stock (they are good to 600+ HP), h-beam forged rods, forged pistons, clean-up PI heads and Cams. I had Brian do a conservative tune for the break in, on a DynoJet at Boost Logic the car made 350rwhp and 400rwtq @ 9lbs. of boost (67mm dbb/.81 hotside).


I have to say, the car is awesome to drive around, whether I am just puttering around or getting on it. It is pretty sleeper as well, whenever I get on it, I notice people around me look past my car to see what is on the other side of it, which makes me smile.